What Are The Advantages Of A Lightweight Trench Box?

Sadly, there are hundreds of workers in the construction industry that are killed every year, and thousands more are injured while on the job. Unfortunately, many of these injuries and fatalities are due to the lack of the right type of onsite protection. A lightweight trench box is a necessary piece of safety equipment that help protect workers who:

• Dig foundations
• Install valves
• Lay pipes

Shoring SystemThey are suitable for any jobs that require workers to be underground. These types of jobs depend on these boxes so the trenches remain safe for workers and free from debris. A lightweight trench box will protect workers in the event that the walls around their work area start to cave in. These boxes can also be personalized according to a particular job.

Certain details regarding the trench’s depth, soil water content, weather conditions and soil type are taken into consideration when a trench box is manufactured. There are also premade trench boxes available as well. Regulations have been established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration regarding the types of boxes that must be used for certain types of excavations.

Uses For Trench Boxes

There are multiple uses for trench boxes in both the engineering and construction industries. They can be used for residential repairs and can also be used for more extensive construction projects. Trench shields are necessary at many work sites.

Also known as trench fields, trench boxes are often used by municipal governments for maintenance and repair work in cities. These boxes not only allow workers to complete their jobs safely, but also quicker. These boxes do not cause a lot of damage to sidewalks, streets, lawns or existing utilities and pipes. Because these boxes are constructed from aluminum, they work well with rubber and other materials.

Manhole Installation

These types of boxes are often used for installing manholes. Lightweight shields made from aluminum surround the walls in the trench, and provide a clear work area for contractors.
The boxes are also used by utility contractors during wire installation and underground work.


This is a process that works with trench boxes. This is a support system that prevents soil from caving into the excavation site. It is a technique that is often used to jobs that use trenches for foundations, roadways and underground utilities.

Various pieces of equipment are used in shoring like walls, struts, posts and sheeting. These pieces of equipment ensure the work area remains intact.

Some states have regulations in place on the lightweight trench box and shoring materials that can be used for projects. Knowing how to use this equipment properly can mean the difference between safe working areas and hazardous working conditions.

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